International Association and society memberships, General Assembly, Certification

  • Member of the Holly Society of America (HSA), 1973
  • Member of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), 1975
  • Member of the International Dendrology Society (IDS), 1977
  • Member of the Index Seminum
  • Member of Magnolia Society International (MSI) in 1979
  • The Magnolia Society International (MSI) conference (MSI) in 1997
  • International Dendrology Society (IDS) conference in 1998
  • Holly Society of America (HSA) conference
  • Certified as 'Arboretum Distinguished For Merit' by International Dendrology Society in 2000
  • Certified as 'Official Holly Arboretum' by Holly Society of America in 2000

Foreign Nursery Cooperation and Exchange

  • Tingle's Nursery, USA
  • Maclinger's Nursery, USA
  • Gossler's Nursery, USA
  • Kelly Jamicson Valley Garden, UK
  • Fox Hill Nursery, UK
  • Treseder's Nursery, UK
  • Mitsch Nursery, USA
  • Cuelly Nursery, USA
  • Woodlander Nursery, USA
  • Heronswood Nursery, USA
  • Duncan & Davis Nursery, New Zealand
  • etc.

Foreign Expert Cooperation and Exchanges

  • Sir Harold Hillier, founder of Hillary Garden in England
  • John G. Hillier, British arboretum designer
  • Nizelius Tor, Swedish dendrologist
  • Mr. and Mrs. de Velder (Robert de Belder), Belgian gardening specialist
  • Shiu-ying Hu, a professor at Harvard University in USA
  • Barry R. Yinger, Asian Plant Manager, US National Arboretum
  • K. Brovicz, Polish plant taxonomist
  • Babara Taylor, President of the Holly Society of America
  • John Gallagher, Gardening critic
  • Yoshimoto, Japanese botanist
  • etc.

International Society

Holly Society of America

It was founded in 1947 as a non-profit academic society that spreads interest and shares research results on hollies, delivers and exchanges various information through research, publishing, and education.

International Magnolia Society

The International Magnolia Society was founded in 1963 as a non-profit organization for understanding and studying Magnolia. It is responsible for exchanging magnolia plants, evaluating and publicizing Magnolia varieties, supporting research on Magnolia, and acting as an international registrar for new cultivars. There are about 600 members including botanists, horticulturists, gardeners and writers in about 40 countries.

International Dendrology Society (IDS)

It was founded in 1952 to research and conserve trees and other woody plants and to protect and preserve worldwide rare and endangered plant species

Royal Horticultural Society

Founded in London in 1804 as The Horticultural Society of London (Prince Albert changed it to Royal Horticultural Society in 1861, which is the current title). With over 200 years of strong influence in the field of horticulture around the world, it popularized gardening through continuous researches, collection, publications, exhibitions and shows. The society earned its reputation and influence, and raised the status of English gardens to a national level with its passion for plant collecting and through horticultural researches, exhibitions and design shows.

Index Seminum

Index Seminum, meaning ‘List of Seeds’ is a non-commercial seed exchanging program that allows arboretums, botanical gardens, and research institutes to autonomously exchange various seeds based on the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). The arboretum joined the program in 1977, and has the largest variety of plant species in Korea with over 15,800 taxa as of 2017.
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